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Justice League: The New Frontier

“The surprising touch of a soft, soulful, film noir-ish saxophone as J’onn J’onnz, the Martian Manhunter, first stands up into the light to reveal himself to the audience in the film’s first act; the thrilling, propulsive strings and soaring horns of the Flash’s first action sequence as he runs to and around Las Vegas; the dream-come-true excitement of the secret Mars space flight, followed by the draining suspense of the tragic crisis-in-space sequence; and the wonderful moment when a choir of angels welcomes Superman as he arrives to save Hal Jordan from certain death; these are all inspired moments of pure musical bliss for me, those things that can only come from a place of true depth of feeling and sensitivity. This score is full of such things, and I invite you to listen for them and savor them.”

- Michael Goguen, Producer / Warner Bros.Animation