10.09 New Music for Champions Online: Blood Moon!


Kevin has been working on more music for the evolving Champions Online world! Champions Online: Blood Moon is being released in time for this year's Halloween complete with new scores from Kevin. Blood Moon was specially designed and scored with Halloween in mind and will be playble from October 27th to November.
Watch the video (with some of Kevin's music) HERE.

10.09 - New Disney Project


Kevin finished some preliminary work on a Disney movie-based game title to accompany a large franchise release. The palette of sounds consisted entirely of electro and affected sounds, and will create a stunning backdrop for the game. More info to come as we can share it!

10.09 - Kevin Scores Wrinkles FOX Television Pilot!


Kevin finished scoring an animated pilot for creator Adrien Beard of Southpark fame and Bento Box Entertainment. The pilot has been submitted to FOX Television.
Take one part classic Rankin/Bass style animation (remember those cool Rudolph the Red Nose Christmas specials?) and add irreverent ghetto humor and you have a rough idea of Wrinkles. The score was a departure of sorts - general midi and classic 80's cheese. More info to come as we can share it!

9.09 - Champions Online released for PC and Xbox360!


The long awaited Champions Online was finally released to the masses over Labor Day weekend! Early reviews praise the game's diversity and commitment to quality in both music and customization. In-depth reviews are still to come as journalists dig through this massively multiplayer universe, but expect to hear more soon!
To listen to the music, click HERE.

7.09 - Kevin scores Star Trek Online!


Kevin is now working on Star Trek Online as the principal composer of this long awaited project! He is also very excited to be working once again with Cryptic Studios on another ground-breaking MMO!
While music for the Star Trek Universe is still in conception, expect the score to apeal to modern generations while embracing masterful themes, the elegance, and lyrical class of early startrek episodes. Kevin is excited to modernize the sound and power of this complex universe while honoring the franchise's legacy.

6.09 - Kevin wraps Champions Online!


Kevin has wrapped the score for Cryptic Studio's forthcoming superhero mmo Champions Online, which will be released to eager audiences on September 1, 2009.
This modern interactive score is designed to supplant the player into the champion's universe, where the heros' and villians' battle for supremacy becomes a fight to the finish! Kevin scored more than 80 minutes of music for the game - clips will be coming soon on to the music page!

5.09 - Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships - now shipping!


Kevin's 20th title with Her Interactive has just been released. Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships is set to sweep fans off for swash-buckling in the Carribean:
"Your friend Bess Marvin is kidnapped and the only chance you have to save her is by solving a 300-year-old Bahamian mystery! Dangerous waters keep treasure hunters from exploring the reefs around Dread Isle, but this remote island might hide the riches of El Toro's lost fleet! Can you, as Nancy Drew, track down the treasure before time runs out?"

3.09 - Batman: Gotham Knight Interview with Visions in Sound


Kevin recently interviewed with Rob Daniels on radio show Visions in Sound. The focus of this second interview was Kevin's Annie Award-nominated work on Batman: Gotham Knight. The interview includes discussion on how the project and unique scores came together, and includes lengthy clips from both.
Listen Here.

2.09 - Kevin interviewed at the Annie Awards!


Kevin was recently interviewed on the red carpet at the Annie Awards Show.
Composer Kevin Manthei was nominated for his music in 'Batman:Gotham Knight,' a Warner Brothers feature animation. Kevin composes music for features, TV, & games. He has scored more than 50 games for every major publisher including many DreamWorks titles, including the “Kung Fu Panda,” game. Kevin was supported on the red carpet by his agent, Mike Rosen of Montana Artists".
- Actors Reporter

12.08 - Kevin Nominated for Annie Award for Batman: Gotham Knight


We are excited to announce that Kevin has been nominated for his second Annie Award. This year's nomination is for Individual Achievement: "Music in an Animated Feature Production" for work on Batman: Gotham Knight. Click here to see and hear music from the film. Kevin is thrilled to be up against great composers like John Powell and Hanz Zimmer, as he is a huge fan of their work. The Annie Awards are held on January 30th, 2009.
Three projects that Kevin worked on this year are also up for awards: Kung Fu Panda the video game, Justice League: The New Frontier and Batman: Gotham Knight.
Annie Awards.org
Annie Award Nominations List

11.08 Shrek's Carnival Craze Game Released!


Activision has just released Kevin's latest project and the newest installment the in the DreamWorks Shrek franchise, Shrek's Carnival Craze, for the Playstation 2, Wii, DS, and PC. Kevins playful score is packed full of fairytale themes and orchestrations, completed with an appropriately comical dose of carnival comedy!
Visit the official game site here.
Listen to the music here.

10.08 Kevin produced "America" on An American Carol


Kevin was in charge of producing and re-arranging the Charlie Daniels Song "America I Believe in You". The song is used in in key areas of the feature film with new lyrics and sung by country great Trace Adkins. The song is also featured on trailers and some tv spots.
Visit the official movie site here.
View the trailer here.

10.08 Her Interactive to release 4 Nancy Drew Soundtracks!


Her Interactive along with Kevin Manthei Music has released its first 2 volumes of soundtracks. There will be 4 soundtracks in total that will represent 19 of the Nancy Drew games that Kevin Manthei Music has scored over the years. The first two soundtracks, entitled MUSIC FOR MYSTERIES Vol. 3 & Vol. 4, cover the music from the last 7 games. The soundtrack is available through a digital download at Her Interactive's site.
Listen to the music here.
Buy the soundtrack here.

7.08 Interview with Film Score Monthly about Batman: Gotham Knight, Justice League: The New Frontier, and more!


Kevin was recently interviewed and featured by Film Score Monthly for Vol. 13, No. 7 regarding his latest works, including Batman: Gotham Knight, Justice League: The New Frontier, and others. "Manthei’s profile has continued to rise: This year he has been involved with two of the higher-profile animation titles in recent memory..." - Flim Score Monthly
Visit Film Score Monthly.
Download the interview.

7.08 Batman Soundtrack Released!


"...the two tracks that comprise the “Crossfire” segment [by Kevin Manthei] are very well done, with a nice array of sound effects worked into the score, creating for a haunting experience throughout. " - World's Finest DVD Report
"Manthei starts this score off with a nice lyrical feel which conveys Bruce Wayne’s uncertainty of whether he will make it out of the sewer system alive or not. For the flash back scenes Manthei has adopted some classic instruments used in India and has made real good use of them. I love listening to "There Is Another" that has a haunting melody to it." - Sci Fi Pulse
Listen to the Soundtrack!
Buy the Soundtrack!
La-La Land Records

7.08 Frijj Campaign Goes Live!


Kevin created all the music to all 5 brilliant, gorilla marketing film shorts for the British milkshake drink Frijj. If you love 50's sci fi that meets the darkness of Beetlejuice with lots of camp thrown in then you will love these shorts created by Tomorrow's Brightest Minds.
View the shorts here!

7.08 Kevin interviewed by Italy's Comicus!


With the release of Batman: Gotham Kinght, Kevin was interviewed by Italy's Comicus regarding details and the complexities of scoring a mature franchise.
"This Batman is so different from others we have seen that I felt the freedom to go beyond what may have been typically expected from a composer working on a Batman franchise... I really didn't want to try to repeat things that have been done in the past, preferring to do something I felt was original and from my own instincts." - Kevin
Click here to read the entire interview!
Click here
to listen to the score!
Click here to order the soundtrack from LA-LA Land Records!

6.08 Dreamwork's Kung Fu Panda video game has been released!


The score features live ethnic asian instruments and bridges the East with the West. A high energy score encompassing the sounds of China is sure to catch the ears of all who play the game. Also check out the newly realeased movie.
Check out Kevin's score here!

5.08 Kevin featured SyFy Radio!


"Big fan of all the DC comic characters all getting together in one place to fight for justice? Well, meet Kevin Manthei, the man behind the music for "The Justice League: The New Frontier." He'll join host Michael Hinman for a very special show!" - SyFy Radio
"Producers should take notice because Kevin Manthei is starting to turn heads and pick up new fans with his music that has graced dozens of animated features and games." - SyFy Portal
Read the Article!
Download the Podcast!

5.08 Kevin featured on award-winning radio program!


Visions In Sound, a unique radio program featuring the soundtracks from movies, television and video games, also recently the winner of the "2007 Sonic Boom" award for "Favorite Classical or Instrumental Program," recently highlighted Kevin Manthei.
"Featured are his scores from Johnny Test, Xiaolin Showdown, Nancy Drew (Video Game), Justice League: The New Frontier and other surprises. Includes an interview with Kevin.

4.08 Shrek's Carnival Craze & Nancy Drew #19 Games!


Kevin is busy scoring another Shrek title with Activison and Dreamworks. This time Shrek is off to the Carnival! Kevin is also working on his #19th Nancy Drew title with Her Interactive. The setting for this newest Nancy Drew game is Ireland, so Kevin packed the music full of Uilleann pipes, Irish whistles, and fiddles. He even recruited legendary Irish and Scottish bagpiper, Eric Rigler.

4.08 IF Magazine reviews the Justice League Soundtrack!


"A particularly important player in FRONTIER’s success is the underscoring of Kevin Manthei, who will no doubt be getting a prime seat at the musical Hall of Justice for his powerhouse work here." "Manthei’s work has a truly bigscreen vibe that soars proudly with the caped angels." "If Manthei’s music is indeed one of the herald’s for a new, and way better age of DTV superheroes, then I can’t wait to see what he’ll be unleashing for the forthcoming BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT- and hopefully one day a flesh and blood comic book film at that." - IF Magazine

3.08 Justice League: The New Frontier Soundtrack released!


Kevin's score for The New Frontier is now available for purchase at Amazon.com and local stores such as Barnes and Noble and Best Buy. If you're looking for an autographed copy, run to La-La Land Records and get a copy there as limited copies are available. The score has been getting great reviews already from Harry Knowles at Ain't it Cool News and the Worlds Finest movie reviews. This is your chance to hear it without pesky dialogue and sound effects! :)
Links to more reviews and the official press release here!
Listen to the score here!

3.08 Three new soundtracks have been released and are now available to buy at the Kevin Manthei Music Store!


Buy the full scores, including bonus tracks from:
Activision's Ultimate Spiderman,
Konami's Xiaolin Showdown, and
Gala-Net's Upshift StrikeRacer!

2.08 Harry Knowles from Ain't it Cool News reviews Justice League: The New Frontier and has great things to say about the music.

Ain't it cool

Harry Knowles mentioned Kevin directly in his review of the film:
"Lastly – I have to say the score by Kevin Manthei is absolutely top notch. I’m not really familiar with his previous work – but given his work here – and the preview for BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT that’s on this DVD – I’m sure I’ll be hearing a lot from this fella in the future. By the way – the GOTHAM KNIGHT DVD feature looks amazing – the different Anime styles really are amazing looking to see Batman existing in. But by far – I’m more interested in just rewatching NEW FRONTIER."
To read the full review click here.


9.07 Kevin to score Marvel Universe Online


Kevin has begun work on Cryptic Studio's Marvel Universe Online, their latest and greatest massively multiplayer online game. Featuring exotic locations and the greatest Marvel characters, the game offers all different kinds of brilliant musical opportunites. More info to come as Kevin continues to score away!

7.07 Kevin & Dan Spitz Interviews - IGN & AOL's GameDaily Biz


Kevin and Dan Spitz of Anthrax have been interviewed by Spence D at IGN.com and the folks at GameDaily Biz concerning their collaboration on the Upshift StrikeRacer score. Also check out the official press release regarding Dan & Kevin teaming up.

6.07 Kevin to score Warner Brothers Animated Feature Justice League: The New Frontier


Kevin has just been hired to score Warner Brothers next Animated Feature based on the Justice League franchise. Cold War Paranoia had outlawed the mystery men of the golden age. Many in the Justice League continued to fight for truth and justice but as the world hurtled towards an uncertain future, it would take a new breed of hero to define the american way. Stay tuned for more info and music clips. Listen to the score here!

5.07 Anthrax's lead guitarist Dan Spitz & Kevin team up


Kevin has teamed up with Dan Spitz of Anthrax fame to score the aggressive online racing game Upshift StrikeRacer. The music of Upshift StrikeRacer mixes choral inspired orchestra with heavy rock guitar riffs to invoke a sense of transendence and adolescent frenzy. Dan and Kevin co-composed many of the tracks - check out some of the music here.

3.07 Kevin Scores with Nickelodeon's new series


Kevin has recently finished scoring 3 Random Cartoon shorts. Flavio an italian themed short, Fan Boy a Batman inspired comedy and Treasure Quest a full on adventure in distant jungles. Random Cartoons will be coming to your TV set soon - stay tuned for more info and in the meantime click here to listen to specially arranged suites of the music.

9.06 Kevin scores Comedy Central's The Bubbas


Comedy Central's The Bubba's is a quirky southern rooted pilot about two guys who just want to hang out and drink beer but life's situations keep getting in their way. The score has a bluesy southern rock sound with a bit of Lynard Skynard essence thrown in. Check out some of the music here.

9.06 Kids WB features two of Kevin's shows every Saturday morning

Kids WB

Join Omi and the gang of Xiaolin Showdown or check out Johnny and his wacky talking sidekick of a dog on Johnny Test every Saturday morning on the new CW's Kids WB cartoon block. Kevin scored all three seasons of Xiaolin Showdown as well as the theme and season one of Johnny Test. Johnny airs at 9:30am and Xiaolin at 11:00am (Pacific). Check out the music of Xiaolin here or the music of Johnny Test here.

8.06 Kevin Manthei Music scores Over the Hedge - Hammy Goes Nuts PSP

Over the Hedge

Kevin Manthei Music was asked to score some additional music for the upcoming PSP game based on the widely popular film Over the Hedge. In the game all eyes are on the frantic skitzo squirl Hammy as he goes from level to level sneaking, running and freaking out all the while trying to steal more stuff from the humans. The music has a certain hesitant feel throughout while capturing the manic qualities of Hammy and the gang. Music to be posted upon release of the game.

7.06 Kevin scores Nickelodeon's Wizzard of Krudd


The Wizzard of Krudd - an original Nickelodeon short - follows an evil (when he feels like it) Wizard, his bumbling Ogre side kicks and a rocker kid straight out of the 80's stuck in this magical wizard world. For some reason he thinks it all totally rocks and is oblivious to the fact that he is their prisoner! The music is one part heavy rock and metal with 2 parts medieval orchestral madness. Shake and stir. Click here to listen to some of the music.

6.06 Kevin scores the Xiaolin Showdown Game

Xiaolin Game

Kevin Manthei was asked to score Konami and Bottle Rocket's game based on the Warner Brothers animated series Xiaolin Showdown. The music parallels the shows in its style and orchestration but because of the fighting nature of the game the music stays on a tense, epic and fast moving pace the whole game. A game soundtrack is forthcoming along with the release of the game in mid November. Stay tuned for music clips.

6.06 Kevin scores 15th Nancy Drew title


Kevin Manthei scored his 15th title for Her Interactive in the ongoing Nancy Drew game series. Nancy Drew Creature of Kapu Cave takes place on the mystical island of Hawaii. The music follows runs the gamut of traditional hawaiian music to mystical and ancient polynesian instruments, sounds and moods. The game releases October 06 so stay tuned for music clips.

4.06 Xiaolin on CN

While Kevin Manthei just wrapped up scoring over 50 episodes of Warner Brothers Xiaolin Showdown, Cartoon Network recently began airing Xiaolin every day. We hear Xiaolin is doing really well on Cartoon Network and can be usually be seen in the 3:30pm, 6:00pm and 9:00 pm time slots. Turn on CN and look for Omi and the gang! Click here to listen to the music of Xiaolin Showdown.

9.05 Kevin scores Warner Brothers' newest animated series

Johnny Test

Kevin Manthei is currently scoring Warner Brother's newest animated series Johnny Test. In addition, Kevin co-wrote with Kevin Riepl the main title theme song. The score is a mixture of punk rock, electronica, orchestral madness and even some good ol' fashioned Carl Staling type music. Johnny Test is a fantasy - action - comedy consisting of Johnny Test's twin inventor sisters who help Johnny live out the once in a lifetime chance to become a super-hero: breathe underwater, go into outer space, or anything that a normal 11 year old boy would dream of doing and more.

Click here to visit Johnny Test's website and to see the movie of the Main Title. Click here to hear the score.12.04

6.05 Xiaolin Showdown begins third season

Xiaolin Showdown

Kevin Manthei started scoring the second season of WB Kids! animated series Xiaolin Showdown. Kevin has also brought on composer Mike Patti to do arranging and synthestration. The music of Xiaolin Showdown incorporates traditional Asian music along with a high powered, action packed electronica score. Listen to some music samples here!

Visit Xiaolin Showdown.com

10.05 Kevin squared score the second season of Brandy and Mr. Whiskers

Brandy and Mr. Whiskers

Kevin Manthei along with Kevin Riepl have begun scoring nearly 20 more episodes of Disney's animated series "Brandy and Mr. Whiskers." The series currently airs every weekend on the Disney Channel at numerous times. The music for the show is as hyperactive as the characters themselves. One thing we can tell you is that it has a great Latin & South American Jungle flavor! Click here to listen to some of the music.

Visit Brandy and Mr. Whisker’s official site here.

9.05 Kevin Manthei scores Ultimate Spiderman game.

Ultimate Spiderman

Kevin teamed up with Activision once again to work on the Ultimate Spiderman game. Kevin composed nealy 80 minutes of music for the game which inculded all of the cinematics and in-game music. The score is an orchestral/electronica inspired hybrid. Click here to listen to the music.

Click here to visit the official site.

9.05 Kevin Squared score NCSoft's sequel to City of Heroes.

City of Villians

Kevin Manthei and Kevin Riepl teamed up to contribute to the massive score for NCSoft's and Cryptic Studio's City of Villains. This time things are much darker so the Kevin's had fun coming up with many unique pieces to fit the game.

Click here to listen to some of the music. Click here to visit the official site.

8.05 Kevin and team score Shrek Superslam

Shrek SuperSlam

Kevin, along with a team of talented composers, finished creating the 70+ minutes of score for Activision's Shrek Superslam. The music bounced from genre to genre just as Kevin Manthei Music's score for Shrek 2 did. Shrek Superslam is a brawling game that features the wickedly funny humor and signature locations from the Shrek universe, as well as parodies of legendary fairytales and pop culture.

Click here to listen to some of the music. Click here to visit the official website.

8.05 Sims 2: Strangetown for PSP

Sims 2: Strangetown

Kevin Manthei, in collaboration with Mike Patti, provided the music for Acivision's Playstation Portable game Sims 2: Strangetown. The game required 20 minutes of music for all the radio stations in Strangetown. The radio stations included Pop, Punk, Latin, Electronica and Country.

Click here to view the game's site.

2.05 Shark Tale Soundtrack Released

Shark Tale

What do you get when you add 1 part 70’s funk, 1 part hip-hop, 1 part a dramatic Jaws inspired score combined with modern electronics? Kevin Manthei’s original score for the game to the Dreamworks film Shark Tale. Activision and Dreamworks once again relied on Kevin Manthei to score their film inspired games. Kevin's music for Shark Tale incorporates funk, fun and shark induced orchestral madness.
"The soundtrack plays a key role with orchestrated scores for most of the in-game action..."
- TeamXbox

Click here to listen to the music or click here to order a copy of the soundtrack.

2.05 Kevin Manthei scores Lapse


Kevin recently finished scoring Jeff Vennard’s NYU short film thesis project “Lapse”. The score deals with elements of time, tension and possible damage of one wrong decision. Look for this short in the next year at a festival near you.
Sound clips to be available soon in the music section.